Time flies

It’s a fly with an anguished face of a man on it, sweating and consumed, set on the web of a spider with it’s wings, it’s only hope of escaping, broken off.

You aren’t what you eat

I refused to face life for what it was and I refused to accept myself or the world for the present condition it was in. I escaped. And all the while I had the answers to a better life in front of me, I chose to lie to myself and sabotage myself.

One Year

One year ago I was turning 25, I remember on my birthday I was struggling to sip the scotch I received as a gift. It was really good scotch; the problem I was having enjoying it was this insatiable desire to drink the whole 5th and this conflicting nagging burn from an ulcer and quite unpleasant cramps from gastritis….

I See You

     It’s been four years. Four years since I took that uniform off and started to navigate this place full of people unchanged: students left untouched by the raw world outside of these four walls of learning. I see you brother… I see you flinch, a remanence of the violence you’ve seen, when the door…


Quiet the mind and displace the hope that the situation you faced could ever be different. Let it be an inurement to objective reason. A slow bloom after a heavy rain. Silence the glimmer of romanticism your heart desires. End the dance with the irrational. Stop longing to feel the warmth of belonging and the passion…

Half the Man

He only knows Uncle Andrew the war veteran, prison nurse, guitar shredding, truck building badass. He doesn’t know the recovering alcoholic, abused, embarrassed, life fumbling, cry in the dark human that’s mixed into everything that makes me, me.

Existential Anxiety

I feel every inch of my lungs expand as I inhale each forced breath. I feel every beat of my laborious heart; it can’t keep up with itself, ectopic beats hone in all my focus. I feel the inner being of who I am leave my body, the conscious, sometimes cogent, part of this unbelievable…

A Horse Led to Water Part 2

I just wanted to be cared about where I was in the state I was. Healing would come but not at the pace he demanded. Eventually all I could hear was an echo of the guidance he tried to give me.

A Horse Led to Water

One day on this journey I stumbled across a beautiful mare. She stood tall and proud, and confident. I was captivated. I grew closer and as I did I found she was thirsty, tired, and had wounds from the paths she previously had chosen.


We must not walk through life feeling guilt for our mistakes and pain for the mistakes of others. We are all painfully and miserably human. Non of us are made of gods for we all wade through the muck called life. But, we can accept this and utilize it to live more freely and in…